What To Do Following A Tooth Extraction? 

tooth extraction

A tooth extraction is one of the most common dental procedures. It is estimated that more than 20 million teeth are extracted each year in the United States. During the tooth extraction procedure, the dentist injects a strong anesthetic into the area surrounding the tooth to prevent the patient from feeling any pain. They then […]

Root Canal vs. Tooth Extraction: Making the Right Dental Choice

root canal

When it comes to dental health, confronting issues such as decay, infection, or damage to a tooth can be both painful and overwhelming. Two primary options often arise among the solutions available: root canal treatment and tooth extraction. The decision between these two procedures is crucial, as it can impact your oral health and overall […]

When Does a Tooth Extraction Become Necessary?

tooth extraction

Good oral hygiene and health can help your teeth last a lifetime, however, no matter how strong your teeth are, they are not indestructible. There may come a time when a tooth extraction becomes necessary. Getting a tooth extracted can make many people nervous, but please remember that it is done only when it is […]

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